Athens Greece – Athens is probably one of the top 10 places that everyone should visit once in their life.

I absolutely adore Athens and this city has fond memories despite the economic changes, and the troubles that the Greeks are experiencing.   I’ve heard people say that Athens – and Greece in general – is not safe.  I say you are wrong!  Never have I met a more welcoming and kind country and its people than I have in Athens and Greece as a whole.


When traveling to Athens, there are 2 hotels that I can highly recommend.  The first is the St George ( on the Lycabettus hill.  The hotel is situated in a lovely residential area and only a short stroll downhill to everything that one must see while in Athens.  And best of all: the evening views from the rooftop to the Acropolis are breathtaking and magical.

view to the Acropolis from the New Museum 02The other hotel that I absolutely adore is the Ochre and Brown, now called O&B, ( which is located in an up-and-coming part of Athens. Centrally located, although without the views that many hotels rely on, the rooms are outstanding, the staff incredible, and the shops and sites right outside your door are unparalleled.


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I was fortunate enough to visit Athens right after the Acropolis Museum ( first opened.  And now it is the place that I immediately return to every time I am in Athens.  When approaching the entrance, you will walk on plexiglass that reveals ruins beneath your feet that are absolutely stunning and amazing.  The exhibit, itself, will leave your breathless but it is the outdoor patio you that you must be sure to visit before leaving: the views are incredible, from 360 degrees, and the architecture absolutely stunning.

ruins UNDER the New MuseumAnd although I know everyone comes to Athens to visit the Acropolis – which you must do, no matter how tired you are – the meandering streets up the hill are a site to behold as well.  Yes, you will be pestered to shop here, eat here, and drink here, but if you just ignore the harassment and take in the sites and daily life, it really is unlike anything else that you will ever see.  Literally, I could spend hours walking these streets and taking everything in.

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