I am in love with Bergen. I can’t say anything more than it’s been some time since I’ve been to a place that is this inviting, the people this welcoming, and the food this outstanding.

I’ve heard Bergen described as being very German but I found it unique, inviting, lovely, and fun.  I would live here in a heartbeat and I can’t wait to return.


As the second largest city in Norway, Bergen has many options in terms of hotels: the Clarion collections, the Scandic hotel chains, and Radisson.  But I chose an independent and would stay here every time, even if there aren’t views to the water like the other hotels offer: Det Hanseatiske Hotel (http://www.dethanseatiskehotel.no/en/).  Truly stunning and unique rooms, each different I  believe, and centrally located.  But most of all, the staff, especially Erik, were fantastic and the breakfast outstanding!


Oh my god.  If you only have one night – or even if you have many! – there is only one place to go.  Lysverket (http://lysverket.no/).  Located in the museum Kode 4, this is a dining experience that must be enjoyed.  Lysverket offers 4 and 7 tasting menus, and you can have it paired with wine, so do what’s best for you.  And as luck would have it, and on a whim, I wrote asking if they could accommodate a vegetarian.  And they could!  So I chose the 4 course option and I tell you that there were 3 “introductions” before the actual meal began.  And each one was stunning!  And kudos to the chef: when I received a course that had poached eggs – something I don’t particularly like but tried – and the staff took the plate away (with mostly uneaten egg), the chef sent out another course to make up for the eggs.  I am still dreaming about this experience.

If you don’t want to eat at Lysverket every night, which I understand as it is a bit on the expensive side, I can highly recommend the Bergen outpost of Kitchen and Table (http://www.kitchenandtable.se/).  Although I liked the version in Tromsø, I loved the outpost in Bergen.  This version also has vegan options available which, even if you are a meat or fish eater, sometimes giving your body a rest is a good thing and the food hear outstanding!

And one final option just because I loved the décor and the old world setting: Potetkjelleren (http://www.potetkjelleren.no/).  Meaning “potato cellar”, this stunning restaurant has an upstairs and cellar restaurant.  The food is beautifully presented and although the options for a vegetarian aren’t numerous, what they are able to offer is lovely.


The Bergen card is what you have got to do.  Go to the Akvariet, the museums, and the Floibanen which, totaled up, is more expensive than the Bergen card.

And a must is the Akvariet (https://www.akvariet.no/).  A gorgeous walk, that doesn’t take more than 20 minutes from the city centre, this is a must.  The sea lions, the penguins, the seals, and everything else that they have in this small aquarium are worth it.

The other thing that you must do, which is totally free, is that you must wonder around this gorgeous city, with its stunning houses perched on the hillside overlooking the fjord below.  Be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes as the various roads, alleys, and stairs will invite you to continue exploring and taking photo after photo. It’s literally like walking in a dream village.

I am in love with Bergen.  I can’t say anything more than it’s been some time since I’ve been to a place that is this inviting, the people this welcoming, and the food this outstanding.   Literally, when I win the lottery, this will be my third home!

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