Negril – 7 miles of gorgeous beaches and activities galore!


There are a wide variety of options to choose from in Negril, from the all-inclusive to pay as you go, from 5 star to hut on the beach.  Being someone who is not a fan of the large commercial resorts, I opted for the Sunset at the Palms ( based on the fact that it was small and tranquil, and adults only.  There are positives and negatives to be honest.  On the positive side: the staff are outstanding, the tranquility divine, and the nature sounds soothing and calming.  At this very strange time in our existence, this is what I needed.  And the expertly manicured grounds are stunning and offered that sense of calm that I craved! On the negative side: I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was in a Jamaican remake of “Dirty Dancing”.  The “treehouses” are a little dated, and the architecture a little reminiscent of days gone by as they struggle to stay afloat with the mega-resorts.  And sadly, the food was just so-so and the laminated menus a real turn-off: for an adults only resort, I would hope that sticky fingers weren’t an issue and thus proper menus could be prepared.


As I mentioned above, the laminated menus were a real turn-off.  Not only does it feel cheap, but it doesn’t even suggest the possibility that the food is seasonal and varied.  There is something about the static nature of a laminated menu that isn’t inviting.  And although I don’t think anything could stand up to Chef Matthew at the S Hotel, the chefs reached out daily and did the best that they could with what was available to them.


If chillaxing isn’t your thing, there are plenty of things to do in Negril.  These activities aren’t exactly sites but any version of water sport is available either through your hotel or directly on the beach.


I don’t do this often but I do feel that an addition note when traveling to Jamaica is warranted.  Bring cash.  Many things are cash-only and the expectation to tip – whether when using the VIP service at the airport, or tipping at the resort bar (regardless of being all-inclusive), or getting food on the beach, you will need cash.  And lots of it.  I always have cash with me but honestly didn’t realize the amount that was really required and was on the verge of being ill-prepared.  And although ATMs exist, they are rather few and far between (literally).

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