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Barcelona, Spain

I find it difficult to choose between Barcelona and Madrid as my favourite place in Spain. Each offers such different things to enjoy, admire, and fall in love with that I’m not sure if I will ever have a favourite. But for this writing, allow me to wax nostalgically about Barcelona, a true gem of Europe. Continue reading

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Ia (Santorini), Greece

Santorini is really a place to relax and enjoy life. You won’t find museums and even venues for music, but you will find outstanding views, meet truly sweet people, and enjoy a relaxation in life that we are rarely allowed to experience. Continue reading

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Firenze, Italy

Most people fall in love with Florence the first time they visit. For me, it’s taken a while but I am finally starting to see the beauty and energy that is Florence. Continue reading

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Zagreb, Croatia

With 2 full days, you can explore the many wonders of Zagreb and be completely satiated by the time you leave. People watching could add a third day, but the Croatian past-time of window shopping and looking for shoes can make this a bit of a challenge if the truth be told. Continue reading

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Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is a gorgeous place to visit but really is a tourist trap. That’s not saying you shouldn’t go, just understand what you are getting yourself in to before you go and everything will be good and you will have a wonderful experience. Continue reading

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