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Santiago – a unique blend of old, communist, and avant garde

Santiago de Chile is an interesting place to say the least: there are gorgeous examples of old architecture, remnants of hard times gone by but still in use, and modern buildings and streets that look forward to the future. For a brief stint – perhaps on your way to Patagonia, over to Easter Island, or in combination with Buenos Aires – this city has much to offer. For a longer stint, for which I must admit I was here on business, it can get a bit tough to keep yourself occupied I’m afraid. But don’t let that stop you as a lifetime is really not complete without a visit to Santiago and to experience the charm and friendliness of the Chilean people. Continue reading

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Getting that best deal for that to-die-for hotel

Waiting until the last minute will limit your options and often not result in the best possible deal. If you plan in advance, you’ve got a better shot of scoring that really cool room/view/location. Continue reading

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